"I get to the heart of the matter with matters of the heart."

My name is Sirena and I am a natural-born psychic tarot card reader. My speciality is love and relationships. I do readings by phone or FaceTime,
 Skype, or email.   

All my readings have past, present and future references and you may even receive a message from your Guardian Angel, Spirit Guide or loved ones in the Spirit world.

Feel free to browse my site for more information on various events including readings, rates, videos, testimonials and more!  Rates may vary and are subject to change.
Gift Certificate

All readings are done by appointment only and payment must be received beforehand unless otherwise agreed. Cash or credit card accepted. If you don't have Paypal, I can send you an invoice. It is not necessary to get an in-person reading as the messages received will be the same whether you see me or not.