What form of payment do you take?

All major credit cards and debit cards are accepted. You do not need to have a Paypal account to purchase on this site. I can send you an invoice, take your debit/credit card information over the phone or use Venmo.

I book appointments 2-3 days in advance but it really does depend on my schedule. In-person sessions are booked 2-4 weeks in advance so phone sessions are much easier to get. If it's imperative you have a same-day reading and I am not available, I do offer Emergency Readings which are usually after 7pm PST so please consider your time zone.

Do you offer any discounted sessions?

I offer $30 Thursdays twice a month which can be done via phone or Skype. Look for it on my social media pages http://www.facebook.com/TarotBySirena or http://www.Instagram.com/TarotBySirena. Once  a month I do a Live Chat on Instagram where you can submit a question. I also offer discounted readings at psychic fairs. I will post information on the front page when these events take place.


I get asked quite a bit why I charge what I do.  Please understand that I have over 20 years of experience and I still continue to study my craft in order to serve you better. 

For parties, there's preparation which includes clearing after multiple guest energies. When you consider a therapist charges by the hour and allots 40-45 minutes for session time and 15-20 minutes for charting, it's exactly the same concept.  

I am self-employed so I don't get paid a regular salary nor do I get paid for holidays, vacation days or sick days.  This is not about the money.  I love what I do! This is part of bringing my gift to the world and part of who I am. My fees ensure I get appropriate compensation for my time. Yes, there are cheaper options  out there (as well as more expensive ones too) but ultimately it's your choice as to where you want to invest your money. Just know that I appreciate each and every one of my clients and I strive to provide the most consistent and accurate information available to me. This work is my passion as well as my vocation. My connections with you and your direction is what makes me jump out of bed every day ready to help you!