All my readings are done via telephone/Skype, Facebook/Instagram Messenger, or email. I do in-person by coming to your home, office, or hotel but I am booked out about 3-4 weeks in advance. There is no difference in the messages you receive. Most of my readings are done over the phone or via the InstantGo app. If you are within a reasonable driving distance from Pasadena, CA and don't mind the waiting list, I would love to see you in person!



This is a for a 2-hour private gathering in your home or office. I come to you and each person gets a personal mini-reading that they can record on their phone.

$260 for a minimum of 5-8 people. Please contact me if you have a larger group.


2018 is an 11 year (2 + 0 + 1 + 8 = 11) and a 2 year (1 + 1 = 2) which is about partnerships and divine unions such as life partners, romantic soulmates, and Twin Flames. It's also the Year of the Dog in Chinese Astrology. This is a great year to attract the relationship of your dreams! 

I know from experience that many people may not know what they want in a partner, much less a relationship, and it can be challenging to manifest this kind of energy. 

So I have created a special type of reading that combines my intuitive gifts with my healing skills to provide a unique experience that can help you release blockages and begin to attract that extraordinary partnership. 

I have developed a 9-card Tarot reading in which past relationships are explored along with what obstacles or blocks may be standing in your way, preventing you from having that amazing relationship or from taking the first step towards creating that significant partnership.

Once the Tarot reading is complete, I then send you Distance Results Healing energy (this can be done while on the phone or afterwards) focused at dissolving any blockages or obstacles that the Tarot reading revealed (along with any other notable stumbling blocks) that are preventing you from moving forward. Your photo or name will be added to my TransformationBox where you will receive at least 30 days of continual natural healing energy to help you remove the hurdles that are hindering your progress.

A Transformation Box is a tool that many practitioners use to send healing energy on a continuous basis. My Transformation Box is harmonized with spiritual energy and has a rose quartz crystal that has been charged with Moon energy on the inside. 

Photos or pieces of paper with names and issues that are in need of healing are placed inside the box and will receive the constant flow of spiritual energy for as long as they remain in the box.

This reading is $111 for a 60 min. Tarot reading and Results Healing for 30 days.